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How it works

All we need is a recording of the song you want to learn. Just provide a YouTube link or send us an mp3 — whichever is easier for you.

We’ll transcribe the song note-for-note in standard notation and send it off to you.

You can also send us a recording of your own songs and we’ll create “lead sheets” — music notation with lyrics and chords!

But that’s not all. We also create custom tablature for stringed instruments. So that means anything you’ve been dying to learn, whether it’s an Eric Clapton guitar solo or the ukulele chords to Somewhere over the Rainbow by Iz, we’ll figure out exactly how they played it and send you the TAB for every note, so you know how to actually play the piece.

This is pretty awesome when you think about it. There are many transcription services out there, but they only send you standard notation and that doesn’t show you how to actually play the piece. Only TAB does that!

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“Ever seen a YouTube performance, heard a piece of music on Spotify or wherever and wish you could know how to play it? It isn’t published and you haven’t got the time or the ability to transcribe it yourself but really want to know how to play it then you should have it transcribed by JamAlong Transcriptions. The transcriptions, in notation and for fretted instruments tablature, are stunningly accurate, even down to some subtleties of right hand strums for example a fan stroke, are superb. The result is a pdf file that is professionally laid out and an absolute joy to read. Now you have the chance to try and play that piece you really want to learn!”
Hugh Munroe

Instruments we transcribe for

Trumpet music transcription service, custom sheet music

Brass & Woodwinds





Penny Whistle

Guitar music transcription service, custom sheet music


Guitar (acoustic and electric, all tunings)



Banjo (4 and 5 strings)


Bass (electric and upright)



Piano music transcription service, custom sheet music






Steel Drums

Hang Drum

“I want to thank JamAlong Transcriptions for a great job done with the bass transcriptions. Excellent quality and professional work, prompt response and support. No doubt you are my #1 place for bass guitar transcriptions."
Carlos Cervo


You can request TablEdit, Guitar Pro, TEFF or MuseScore files if you wish. These programs allow you to play back the music if you have the right software.

For a few bucks extra you can get a slowed down mp3 of the original, or the audio output of the MIDI file, to help in learning your transcribed song.


Our customer support is second to none. Contact us at any time, whether you have questions about a song or need help learning your JamAlong Transcription. 

We’ll make sure you’re happy every step of the way!

See the custom transcription we made for this song, and other examples.