Custom transcription

Vocal song: Lead sheet with standard notation for the melody, lyrics and chords
Instrumental lead: Standard notation & TAB (or standard notation only or TAB only)


One “time through” the song
Average difficulty
Up to 3 pages

Premium options

Guitar Pro, TablEdit, TEFF or MuseScore file

Slowed down mp3 of the original recording

mp3 of MIDI output from your transcription




After we receive your transcription order and a link to the performance you want us to transcribe, we will evaluate the song.  If we determine that the transcription will require more than one “time through” the song, or that length or difficulty fees will be required, we will contact you before beginning your transcription, and these fees will be due before we will begin the job.

See the details page for more info.

Additional "times through" the song

2x through – add $40 (total $90, saving $10)
3x through – add $70 (total $120, saving $20)
4x through – add $90 (total $170, saving $30)

Length & Difficulty fees

$25 per transcription or “time through”


Please read the Details page before ordering.

If you still have questions, contact us.  We’ll be glad to help!